Coque samsung a70 militaire Princeton Personality

Princeton Personality

BELLE’S STORY: “You want people to respect you as a human being. And I do my coque samsung j6 plus jaune best to respect others. When I look at a person, I look at God’s creation. I accept who they are, and I try to love everyone, even though I may not always agree with them. One of the problems is that people judge others before they even get to know them.” Princeton resident Ida Belle Dixon has a long history of finding the best in others. (Photo coque samsung j3 2016 homer coque carte bleu iphone xs simpson by Lance Liverman)

How to tell Ida Belle Dixon’s story

During her 100 years of living, she has witnessed samsung galaxy j5 pro 2017 coque history, and made her own. She has endured poverty and hardship, mobesv coque pour samsung galaxy j3 experienced joy and love, all the while sustained by her deep Christian faith.

She has chosen a life of service to others, helping children, coque iphone xr seven deadly sins families, friends, and relatives, making a difference in their lives that has continued through the years.

Known as Belle, Ida Belle, Mom Dixon, Mother Dixon, and Sister Dixon, she gladly answers to all of these appellations.

By whatever name she is known, however, there is no question that she is a true Princeton treasure. more

COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT: “Being part of the community will always be the driving force of what we do at Terhune’s, welcoming people to the farm and being engaged with them and the community.” Pam Mount, owner with her husband Gary, of Terhune Orchards, has always been active in the community, serving on Lawrence Township Council and as Mayor, and she continues to be engaged in the important issues of the day. She is shown next to one of her own paintings.

“Ihave worked at the White House and met leaders around the world, and Pam is the real thing! She is at the top of my list as a genuine world class hero.” more

In the fall of 1969, as a sophomore, I walked into the Princeton University Office of Teacher Preparation to investigate the possibilities for a career in teaching. Mrs. Swain was presiding. Last week, a 41 year teaching career behind me, I walked into the Teacher Prep Office again. Mrs. Swain is still presiding.

The Office has moved, from West College to William Street. The program has seen five different directors, many changes in personnel and about 1000 University students gaining New Jersey Teacher Certification. Jacqueline L. Swain remembers, and has helped, all of them. “She is Teacher Prep,” said current program director Christopher J. Campisano. “If you want to know, Jacqui’s the one to talk to. She’s the heart and soul of the program. It’s the extraordinary program it is because of her work, because of Mrs. Swain. Anybody who walks through that door, regardless of whether they’re graduating or they were here 10 or 20 years ago, Jacqui will know their name.”

Jacqui Swain was born in Princeton, where her parents, grandparents, and great grandparents lived in a rambling old house on Clay Street near Witherspoon. Her parents moved to Rahway, where she went to school. She attended Rider College, graduated with a degree in Commerce and returned to Princeton, where she still lives. more

To lead, one must be able to motivate others, to summon their coque samsung j5 2015 bouledogue best efforts in order to attain a successful result. Pinceton resident Katie Heins is such a leader.

Former president of the Garden Club of America (GCA) and Stony Brook Garden Club of Princeton, she has held numerous positions of responsibility in these organizations. Through her effort, energy, coque samsung j3 2016 gta and expertise, she has helped them to become more productive, responsive, and influential.

As her friend of 30 years, Princeton resident Susan Levy, points out, “The productivity of any organization, it is often said, reflects its leadership. The Garden Club of America is better for having had Katie as its president. It is more productive, more cohesive, coque samsung galaxy j7 2016 marbre and more directed. Katie inspires by her own remarkable example, adhering to the highest standards, eager to take on challenges.” more

COMING TOGETHER: “A key part of the story faire sa propre coque iphone 7 628antenpascher4024 is that HomeFront grew out of incredible need, and the community came together to fix it. We were able to bring the caring and resources of the people to help. No one coque iphone xs beeasy person can do it all, but many can come together to transform lives.” Connie Mercer, founder and director of HomeFront, is dedicated to helping the homeless and breaking the cycle of poverty.

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committedcitizens can change coque samsung galaxy j3 pour fille the world; indeed that’s the onlything that ever has.” Mead

Nowhere is this sentiment realized more coque 360 j5 2017 samsung avec dessin fully than in the remarkable achievements of HomeFront and in the efforts of the organization’s coque samsung a70 militaire equally remarkable founder and director, Connie Mercer.

HomeFront’s mission is to end homelessness in central New coque psg galaxy j3 2016 Jersey and break the cycle of poverty. Established 23 years ago by Princeton area resident Connie Mercer, it has become a multi faceted organization that helps homeless people and those in need in numerous ways. It provides emergency shelter, food, clothing, affordable housing, educational opportunities, and job training and placement.

“I thought I knew about HomeFront, but I really had no idea of the extent of its services and the help and hope it has brought to so many individuals and families,” says a Princeton resident, who recently became a volunteer in the HomeFront ArtSpace program.

And, as Ms. Mercer points out, the individuals and families affected by poverty cover a wider spectrum than many realize. “At least once a week, we have clients who come in and say, ‘I never thought this would happen to us.'”

The economic coque samsung galaxy j4 plus naruto downturn beginning in 2008 9, set in motion a tidal wave of unemployment (including a 124 percent increase in New Jersey), in the worst cases, followed by homelessness (a 40 percent increase in New Jersey between 2008 and 2010) and a struggle for the very basic needs of life.

So often, people hear or read about such statistics and say ‘I wish I could help’; other times they say they are sorry, but move on to their next activity; occasionally, others, like Connie Mercer, see a problem and find coque samsung j5 2016 humour a a50 galaxy coque solution.

Who is Connie Mercer and why does she care

“When coque samsung j3 pas cher simple you consider the impact Connie has made coque samsung galaxy j7 2016 clapet in improving the lives of those most in need in Mercer County, starting out with a grassroots effort in her garage to provide hot meals, to building a comprehensive community for hope and healing, it is nothing short of amazing,” comments Princeton resident Anne Battle, founder and former director of Familyborn Birthing Center, and founder of One Room At A Time, a volunteer group that refurbishes and decorates apartments for HomeFront clients.

“Connie is humble yet powerful, always moving forward to serve the population she represents. I like to believe that we have angels in our midst. Connie Mercer is one of them, whose light shines brightly for those who need it most.”

Adds Bernard Flynn, president and CEO of NJM Insurance Group, headquartered in West Trenton, “I consider Connie Mercer to be the Mother Teresa of Mercer County. She has an amazing work ethic, and is exclusively dedicated to the individuals and families that she serves. She is passionate, doesn’t take no for an answer, inspires those she works with, and she is a terrific leader and role model.”

Reflecting on her life decisions, Ms. Mercer one piece coque iphone xr offers a grateful acknowledgment of her own childhood experience and family life and how it influenced her to reach out to others.

“We were blessed kids,” she points out, referring to herself and her two brothers Paul and Rick. “There was a huge amount of love in our family, I had such a happy time growing up, and I felt that a secure childhood and family life is fundamental for everyone.”

Born in Newton, Mass. to Bernice and Morris Roud, Connie was the oldest of their three children. It was indeed a happy childhood, and included regular visits to grandparents in Toronto, Canada and Boston…