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This month alone, space researchers discovered seven brand new exo planets, each orbiting a single star, each roughly the size of earth and at least three considered to be Cover iPhone 5S Silicone Custodia iPhone SE RosyHeart Morbido TPU inside what NASA has deemed the “inhabitable zone.”

Practically the whole reason I even downloaded Twitter was so that I could remind the Affleck brothers what abhorrent pieces of shit they are on a daily basis. (FUCK YOU, BEN ALL I WANTED WAS LIKE, A COUPLE HAIR CLIPPINGS AND A PAIR OF YOUR custodia tab4 10.1 samsung DIRTY UNDERWEAR, DON’T MAKE IT WEIRD!)

There was another massive data breach, an iPhone 7 allegedly caught fire, somebody somewhere invented a ping pong playing YSIMEE Compatibile Con Cover iPhone XR CustodiaOriginale 360 robot and news brokethat researchers are using highly detailed satellite images to possibly track down the tomb of famous Mongolian conqueror, Genghis Khan, because why not.

Every single month, I sit down to write this column thinking I won’t have anything to talk about. Every month, I am wrong. Here’re this month’s biggest tech releases:

Nokia Re Launched its Famous 3310 Phone

When I first heard this news, I was convinced it was samsung galaxy j3 2017 custodia some kind of joke. Of course, it’s not. Nokia this month announced the re release of one of its classic mobile powerhouses, the Nokia 3310.

Featuring groundbreaking T9 texting capabilities, a 2.4 inch color display, a two megapixel back camera (complete with LED flash!), and a whopping month of standby battery life, Nokia is hedging a bet that says people are over smart phones. Oh, and the $52 price tag might help its case though, I’m not holding my breath.

It’s just so awesome Nessuna custodia originale Apple per iPhone XR: il modello and ridiculous that while most smartphone companies are trying to figure out 4K displays and dual camera setups, the design team over a Nokia was like, “Yah, but our phones can play Snake.”

In what is probably one of the wildest developments I’ve seen in eyewear since Shutter INTER INTERNAZIONALE COVER Custodia Tifoso Iphone 11 Tifoso Calcio Shades (or shudder shades lololol), researchers at the University Custodia iPhone 5C ISAKEN Cover per Apple iPhone 5C [TPU Shock of Utah have developed new “liquid” lenses that automatically adjust to your eyes in order Glotweb Graphic Design: COVER CUSTODIA RIGIDA STAMPA SQUADRA to bring into focus anything in a given range, depending each eye.

That probably doesn’t sound too technical, and the prototypes are horrific, but the concept custodia samsung s9 plus a libro is remarkable: The lenses comprise two flexible, glycerol filled membranes that stretch and become more convex custodia samsung a8 2018 a libro or concave depending on the movement of each lenses piezoelectric pistons. In layman’s terms, they’re magic glasses, bro. The P9 was considered by many to be one of the foremost competitors to Apple’s latest crop of iPhones, and it seems like Huawei is at it again RANVOO Cover iPhone X Custodia iPhone XS Trasparente Cover Ultra with the new P10.

Announcedthis week at the Mobile World Congress in Cover Custodia IPHONE 4 con Spray Antiaggressione Bianco Art.SG000012 Barcelona, Custodia Smartphone Samsung Custodia In Silicone Originale LOGO the P10 features a new front facing thumb GUESS CUSTODIA ORIGINALE HARD SHOCKPROOF COVER CASE PER APPLE sensor, a beautiful unibody design, a larger 3,200 mAh battery, a 12MP color sensor and 20MP mono sensor, and an 8MP Leica designed selfie camera. The iPhone 8 better get its shit together, methinks. Well, folks, the time is now.

Uhh, yup. Japanese electronics company Omron Corp. is responsible for developing the horrifyingly fast and super intuitive robot, named FORPHEUS. FORPHEUS has even received a Guinness World Record for CUSTODIA COVER ORIGINALE Per Apple IPHONE 8/7 SILICONE being the first robot able to teach the sport.

Lead developer Taku Oya said in a statement, “At the moment it is a human who teaches a robot Cover / Custodia ORIGINALE iPhone 7 APPLE NERA – how to behave or teach, [b]ut in the next 20 years, it may be possible that a robot teaches a robot, or a robot develops COVER per Iphone X / XS / Max / XR CUSTODIA Fronte Retro 360 a robot.”

What the fuck is your problem, Taku Oya Haven’t you ever seen Terminator Jesus.

AMD’s release of its Ryzen Summit Ridge CPUs isn’t that big of a deal. They’re incredible pieces of hardware, but Intel’s Core i7 6900K ivso samsung galaxy tab a 10.1 cover custodia CPUs are perfectly comparable, for the most part. The news here, my friends, is AMD’s pricing.

As a big ol’ “Fuck you” to Intel’s senselessly expensive pricing, AMD announced its 8 core, 1800X CPU would cost ULAK – iPhone 6S Cover Custodia iPhone 6 Duro per iPhone 6 6S less than half of Intel’s most comparable model. Sometimes, American style capitalism isn’t just refreshing, it’s downright hysterical. Thanks for the laugh, fellas! As for Intel Well, good luck with everything, fellas!

I don’t think anyone anywhere is still trying to argue the importance of drones in our everyday lives, anymore. They’re playing a larger and larger role in our country’s military and surveillance operations, and I’ll be the first to admit that they’re being used for some pretty scary shit.

But they’re custodia samsung j7 2017 duos also being used for some incredible things, too, like transporting food and water to refugees, or medicine to people without access. They’re also revolutionizing the way we receive our packages.

It was with these uses in mind that Otherlab’s cardboard drones that can carry payloads of up to two pounds, COVER CUSTODIA NATALE con EFFETTO NEVE LIQUID GLITTER per Iphone 6 and then disintegrate within a few months, came to be.

The drone was just announced this past month, but they’re hoping to work more with it to use a biodegradable shell made out of “mycelium” (mushrooms) that’ll biodegrade much faster. This one definitely has potential to be game changing, but month’s announcement was just that and announcement.

The team at Hoversurf (Yes, it’s a real company; don’t be a dick about it) out of Russia announced last month that they’ve successfully engineered the world’s first hoverbike. The prototype, very Russianly named “the Scorpion 3,” combines the technology of a quadcopter with the seat and control style of a standard motorcycle.

The result was something that seems shockingly stable and easily maneuverable. Unfortunately, there’s no plan to put any of them into commercial production anytime soon, but hey a start is a start!..