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Pharma Wars Krebs on Security

Many of the same shadowy organizations that pay people to promote male erectile dysfunction drugs via spam and hacked websites recently haveenjoyed a surge in demand for medicines used to fight malaria, lupus and arthritis, thanks largely to unfounded suggestions that these therapies can help combat the COVID 19 pandemic.

A review of the sales figures from some of the top pharmacy affiliate programs suggests sales of drugs containing hydroxychloroquine rivaled that of their primary product generic Viagra and Cialis and that this as yet unproven Coronavirus treatment accounted for as cover samsung galaxy j5 2017 marble much as 25 to 30 percent of all cover samsung gt-i9195 sales over the past month.

KrebsOnSecurity reviewed a number of the most popular online pharmacy enterprises, in part cover samsung s7 edge oro by turning to some of the same accounts at these invite only affiliate programs I relied upon for researching my 2014 book, Spam Nation: The Inside Story of Organized Cybercrime, from Global Epidemic cover samsung galaxy core i8260 to Your Front Door.

Many custodia cover huawei y6 2018 of these affiliate programs going by names such as EvaPharmacy, Rx Partners and Mailien/Alientarget have been around for more than a decade, and were major, early catalysts for the creation of large scale botnets and malicious software designed to enslave computers for 1d cover iphone 4s the sending of junk email.

Their products do not require a prescription, are largely sourced directly from recensioni cover iphone pharmaceutical production facilities in India and China, and are shipped via international parcel post to customers around the world.

In mid March, two influential figures President Trump and Tesla CEO Elon Musk began suggesting that hydroxychloroquine should be more strongly considered as a treatment for COVID 19.

The pharmacy affiliate programs custodia cover huawei p8 immediately took notice of a major moneymaking opportunity, noting that keyword searches for terms related to chloroquine suddenly were many times more popular than for the other mainstays of their business.

is hysterical, wrote one member of the Russian language affiliate forum gofuckbiz[.]com on Mar. 17. to make extra money. Do any [pharmacy affiliate] programs sell drugs for Coronavirus or flu larger affiliate programs quickly pounced on the opportunity, which turned out to be a major albeit short lived moneymaker. Below is a screenshot of the overall product sales statistics for the previous 30 days from all affiliates of PharmCash. As we can see, Aralen a chloroquine drug used to treat and prevent malaria was the third biggest seller behind Viagra and Cialis.

Recent 30 day sales figures from samsung galaxy s10 hoesje the pharmacy affiliate program PharmCash.

In mid March, the affiliate program Rx Partners saw a huge spike in demand for Aralen and other drugs containing chloroquine custodia cover samsung s4 phosphate, and began encouraging affiliates to promote a new set of product teasers targeting people anxiously seeking remedies for COVID 19.

Their main promotion page still online at about coronavirus2019[.]com touts the potential of Aralen, generic hydroxychloroquine, and generic Kaletra/Lopinavir, a drug used to treat HIV/AIDS.

An ad promoting various unproven remedies for COVID 19, from the pharmacy affiliate program Rx Partners.

On Mar. 18, a manager for Rx Partners said that like PharmCash, drugs which included chloroquine phosphate had already risen to the top of sales for non erectile dysfunction drugs across the program. law enforcement officials. The men a former Russian cyber intelligence official and an executive at Russian security firm Kaspersky Lab were reportedly prosecuted for their part in an investigation into Pavel Vrublevsky, a convicted cybercriminal who ran one of the world biggest spam networks and was a major focus of my 2014 cover samsung a3 2016 flip book, Spam Nation.

Sergei Mikhailov, formerly deputy chief of Russia top anti cybercrime unit, was sentenced today to 22 cover samsung tab s3 amazon years in prison. The court huawei p30 pro hoesje also levied a 14 year sentence against Ruslan Stoyanov, a senior employee at Kaspersky Lab. flip cover samsung a7 2018 Both men maintained their innocence throughout the trial. presidential election.

That because two others arrested for treason at the same time Mikhailov subordinates Georgi Fomchenkov and Dmitry Dokuchaev were reported by Russian media to have helped the FBI investigate Russian servers linked to the 2016 hacking of the Democratic National Committee. The case against Fomchenkov and Dokuchaev has not yet gone to trial.

What exactly was revealed during the trial of Mikhailov and Stoyanov is not clear, as the details surrounding it were classified. inboxes.

Roman Seleznev, a Russian man who is already serving a record 27 year sentence in the United States for cybercrime charges, was handed a 14 year sentence this week by a federal judge in Atlanta for his role in a credit card and identity theft conspiracy that prosecutors say netted more than $50 million. Separately, a Canadian national has pleaded guilty to charges of helping to steal more than a billion cover samsung j7 disney user account credentials from Yahoo.

Seleznev, 33, was given the 14 year sentence in connection with two prosecutions that were consolidated in Georgia: The 2008 heist against cover samsung s4 mini disney Atlanta based credit card processor RBS Worldpay; and a case out of Nevada where he was charged as a leading merchant of stolen credit cards at carder[dot]su, at one time perhaps the most bustling fraud forum where members openly marketed a variety of cybercrime oriented services.

Roman Seleznev, pictured with bundles of cash. Image: US DOJ.

Seleznev conviction comes more than a year after he was convicted in a Seattle court on 38 counts of cybercrime charges, including wire fraud and aggravated identity theft. The Seattle conviction earned Seleznev a 27 year prison sentence the most jail time ever given to an individual convicted of cybercrime charges in the United States.

This latest sentence will be served concurrently meaning it will not add any time to flip cover samsung s8 his 27 year sentence. But it worth noting because Seleznev is appealing the Seattle verdict. In the event he prevails in Seattle amazon cover samsung s631on and gets that conviction overturned, he will still serve out his 14 year sentence in the Georgia case because he pleaded guilty to those charges cover samsung s7 edge tumblr and waived his right to an appeal.

Investigators also reportedlyfound a smoking gun: a password cheat sheetthat linked Seleznev to a decade’s worth of criminal hacking. For more on Seleznev arrest and prosecution, see The Backstory Behind Carder Kingpin Roman Seleznev Record 27 Year Sentence, and Feds Charge Carding Kingpin in Retail Hacks.

In an unrelated case, federal prosecutors in cover samsung galaxy j3 2016 dura California announced a guilty plea from Karim Baratov, one of four men indicted in March 2017 for hacking into Yahoo beginning in 2014. Yahoo cover samsung liu jo initially said the intrusion exposed the usernames, passwords and account data for roughly 500 million Yahoo users, but in December 2016 Yahoo said the actual number of victims was closer to one billion (read: all of its users)…