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Executive Scuttlebutt The first thing worth noting is that Papermaster was victoria’s secret cover iphone not hired to take the samsung galaxy s20 ultra hoesjes exact same job that Fadell held. Papermaster job is a superset of Fadell It right there in the press release Apple issued a week ago Fadell custodia impermeabile per iphone title was vice president of the iPod Division Papermaster title is vice president of custodia cover huawei mate 20 lite Devices Hardware Engineering The PR describes Papermaster responsibilities: Apple today announced that Mark Papermaster is joining the Company as senior vice president of Devices Hardware Engineering, reporting to Apple CEO Steve Jobs. Papermaster, who comes cover samsung s4 metallo to Apple from IBM, will lead Apple’s iPod and iPhone hardware engineeringTony Fadell only oversaw the iPod division, and had very cover samsung j3 2016 colorate little, if anything, to do with cover samsung a20e libro the iPhone. And, according to multiple sources familiar with Apple engineering management, the iPod Touch has been produced by the iPhone team, not by Fadell iPod division. The last new product that Fadell oversaw was the new iPod Nano. So Fadell was never in any way in charge of the iPhone or iPod Touch; Papermaster job description indicates he will be directly responsible for all iPhone and iPod hardware engineering. The iPhone software is overseen by Scott Forstall (Senior Vice President, iPhone Software), and, at a technical level, Bertrand Serlet (Senior Vice cover samsung galaxy s7 edge President, Software Engineering). There is no such cover iphone 7 plus lv division between hardware and custodia cover huawei y6 2017 software with the traditional (pre Touch) iPods. The story I heard is that at the outset of Apple iPhone initiative, there was a heated debate within cover originale apple per iphone 7 Apple as to what OS should be used. Forstall and Serlet pushed for using OS X. Fadell (and, according to one source, former Apple executive Steve Sakoman) pushed for using something else.1 Obviously, Forstall and Serlet won this debate, and, hyperbolic though it may sound, it may prove to be the single best early design decision in the entire history of the company. It seems hard to imagine the iPhone any other way now, but at the outset it was not a foregone conclusion that a stripped down and revamped version of OS X would work for a mobile phone. And so I think Cringely is cover iphone 5 silicone personalizzate right that the basic story line is that Steve Jobs wanted to hire Papermaster and so Fadell cover iphone 6 mk had to go, and not that Fadell first decided to leave and Papermaster was then custodia cover samsung s6 edge plus picked to replace him.2 But Fadell ticket has probably been punched ever since the iPhone shipped and proved to be an enormous success. Without question, Fadell tenure at Apple has itself been an enormous success. He came to Apple in early 2001 with the idea for the iPod and an integrated online music store to complement it, and it turned cover samsung j7 2016 adidas into one of the biggest hits in consumer electronics history. The iPod and iTunes reshaped the cover iphone 5 e 5s music industry, and cover con caricabatteria have made a mountain of cash for Apple. But the iPhone is the new thing, and Fadell was not involved in its development. The word on the street in Cupertino is not that Fadell was pushed out the door, but that he was never offered a role like Papermaster encompassing all of Apple handheld hardware iphone 11 pro max hoesje engineering. The iPhone has eclipsed the iPod as the A Team at Apple, and Tony Fadell does not sound like a B Team sort of guy. Cringely speculation about Jobs in any way feeling threatened by Fadell, or that ultimately betrays all of his cover iphone 8 plus direct reports mondadori cover iphone 6 in this manner is just goofy. Steve Jobs is not insecure; if he were, he have canned someone like Jonathan Ive long before putting the squeeze to Tony Fadell Ive is far better known than Fadell outside the company, and is far more popular inside.3 For a company of Apple size and success, the relative stability of its executive team is remarkable. However, I now have a one word answer from a knowledgeable source as to which OS Fadell wanted to use for the phone: Linux. I have no doubt that Papermaster iphone 7 e 8 stesse cover expertise and experience in this field is a big part of why Apple wanted to hire him, but leading the hardware engineering division responsible for all iPods and iPhones is a far bigger and more prestigious gig than leading a chip design team.